Our Story

We take the FEAR out of MOLD...here's why

Since 1989, JD and Dan Ortega have been serving the Atlanta Real Estate Community through a bundle of services designed to improve the quality of residential and commercial properties. This long-standing relationship with realtors and property managers helped solidify a reputation of trust, honesty, and excellence among our customers and employees. NoMoldAtlanta was established in 2006 when toxic mold and its health risks were just beginning to make an impact on the consumer's buying decisions of residential and commercial real estate. We discovered a lack of education about mold and a consistent FEAR FACTOR surrounding the process of mold remediation and the mold contractors available at the time. We actually coined the phrase "We take the FEAR out of Mold" to send a message to our customers that were here to take care of their mold issues without killing their real estate deal or breaking their bank account. With our non-toxic approach to removing the mold and our 10-yr warranty against future mold growth, we quickly established ourselves as the "go-to" company for all remediation services. As our company was started by the father-son team of JD & Dan, we have created a family atmosphere with our technicians, staff, and customer base allowing many of our team members to have 8-plus years employment with us. Our dedication to each other and our trade has been the backbone of our impeccable reputation for going the extra mile and getting it done right the first time.


What makes us GREAT?

  • We listen to our customers and care about their needs

  • We take pride in our work

  • We show up on time

  • We get the job done right the first time

  • Our vast experience gets the job done quickly

  • We save our customers money

  • We never compromise on the quality of our work

  • We exceed expectations

  • We stand behind our work

  • We warrant our process

  • We LOVE our customers

The Ortega Family

NoMoldAtlanta was founded on Christian principles, and that same spirit flows through our business today. JD and Dan Ortega have always put God first in both family life and business ventures. Dan served as headmaster of Oklahoma Christian Schools where he committed his life to changing young people's lives through the Word of God and Jesus principles. His reputation has been preserved by his children, JD, Shalom, Tara, and JJ and his influence continues to shine through in their successes today. Each one of them have made an impact in the Atlanta area and surrounding communities. JD owns NoMoldAtlanta, Shalom was an intracule part of Showhomes of Atlanta, Tara is a successful realtor with Engle Volkers, and JJ owns Trifecta Home Furniture. The family continues to put God first in every aspect of their personal life and business affairs. Anyone who does business with the Ortegas can be assured they will be treated fairly and honestly in every circumstance.

Our Reputation

We owe our success to the Ortega family’s reputation in the Atlanta real estate community. We serve our customers with the utmost sincerity and execute every mold remediation project without compromising even the slightest in terms of the quality of service and the work ethic. Today NoMoldAtlanta has become one of ‘the’ most sought after mold remediation companies in Atlanta.

We are committed to offering premium service at affordable prices. Our mold removal products are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and contain no biocides allowing for safe and effective mold remediation. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services.