Mold Remediation

Our Process


We start with preparing the worksite to both protect your contents and create a controlled environment. We pay proper attention to secure the project area, ensuring the best possible final results. Our technicians will advise the clients of any instances where building materials should be removed and replaced.

Applying Anabec Advanced Cleaning Solution

This formula is applied to all the unfinished and finished surfaces to remove organic debris from microorganisms. It leaves an extremely clean surface that can then be treated with a microbial barrier or penetrant product such as Anasphere or X-70 Plus.

EPA Advice

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends thorough cleaning and, if necessary, replacing mold-infested structures in your home or business. Certain types of mold can even be associated with possible risks of exposure to airborne mycotoxins.

Our Services

  • Decontamination of the surface.
  • Mold removal.
  • Mold prevention.
  • HVAC cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Content cleaning.

The Extra Benefits

  • Most jobs are finished in 24-48 hours.

  • Our surgical approach treats mold problems with less rip and tear of existing structures, giving you a lower repair cost.

  • In most cases, we insist our clients receive an independent, third-party mold inspection before and after a mold and mildew remediation project, assuring objectivity.

  • A limited, ten-year warranty backs all services.

  • Our hydrogen peroxide-based Anabec cleaning solutions and Anasphere are non-toxic and prevent mold spores from colonizing in the future.

Innovative Methods & Effective Products

NoMoldAtlanta, LLC uses patented products and provide complete solutions, not partial fixes. Our ten-year limited warranty for complete treatments is your assurance of a job well done.

Effective Mold Removal in Atlanta

For a homeowner or landlord, mold and mildew remediation can be frustrating, especially for those residing in a geographical area as wet and humid as the Atlanta Metro. High humidity and water intrusions are a significant cause for mold growth in crawl spaces, basements, attics, and other unsealed areas of the home.

NoMoldAtlanta can help you eliminate mold problems saving your structural property stability and your family from potential health hazards.

Applying Anabec Anasphere or X-70 Plus

Our technicians use our non-toxic disinfectant, sanitizer, and deodorizer, proven to eliminate and protect thousands of unfinished and finished surfaces from a variety of microbial organisms.

  • Aspergillus niger

  • H1N1

  • E.coli

  • Influenza

  • Listeria

  • Salmonella

  • MRSA

  • HIV-1 and many more

The disinfectant in Anasphere is coupled with an organic polymer that provides long term staying power, so surfaces stay cleaner longer. We can also treat the entire unfinished surfaces with the X-70 Plus. The X-70 Plus application results in an extremely durable barrier that resists moisture, mold, and mildew growth.


Please reach out to independent environmental experts to take samples of the air inside and outside the place to know whether the mold spore counts are within 'normal and acceptable levels. Be assured that the environment is clean and inhabitable. Your warranty, if applicable, will be issued upon payment in full for the work performed and receipt of acceptable test results from the Mold Inspector.

Do you worry you might have a mold problem? Reach us today for a free evaluation.