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Dear JD,

Wow!!! I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say “Thank you” for all your help earlier this week. As you know, my biggest concern was being taken for a ride. Not knowing much about mold I was worried that someone would come into my home and tell me I have a tremendous mold problem causing my family’s health issues; then in response to erroneous allegations having a great deal of very expensive work done that may not have been necessary. How fortunate I was to have met you. You were clearly more interested in my family’s health and how you could help us improve our circumstances to ensure we feel better than you were about getting a job under false pretenses. I have never known anyone to be as honest and helpful. You were very respectful to my lack of knowledge and certainly gave very thorough explanations allowing me to make educated and confident decisions.

You were absolutely right with the setting on the air conditioner, since we adjusted it our home has been very comfortable and I now always use the bathroom fan when showering. What a difference! We took your advice and are having the carpets sanitized on Saturday morning and we already purchased an air purifier that we will set up once the carpets are cleaned. I will be in touch a month from now to let you know how we are feeling. I will never be able to thank you enough for taking the time in instructing me on what to look for, fixing our ceiling fan, adjusting our air conditioner and recommending ways to improve our air quality. 

I have recommended you to the management company, Heritage Properties, who handles The Granville Condominium complex so you may being hearing from them in the future to conduct a restoration project with any of the properties they manage. Thank you again for everything… it truly was a pleasure meeting you. You said it best when you said there must have been a reason for your being there that day...

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