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Success Story - The Kogis

The Kogis are an indigenous tribe that lives in isolation high in the Sierra Nevada Mtns of Colombia. Their lifestyle has changed very little over the past one thousand years. In their seclusion they remained untouched by the Spanish conquest of the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries. However, four years ago a Kogi village teacher came down to a meeting in Barranquilla to ask for help in educating the children of his village. We learned that a few Kogis had been converted. These new believers, about one hundred people, had been expelled from the tribe and they had formed a new village. They needed help to build a school.

I was invited to visit the village, a high honor, because they generally do not admit outsiders into their midst. Twice I have made the arduous trek up the mountain, each time taking a companion with me. BBi raised the money for materials, the Kogis did the labor, and a new school building now serves the thirty five school children, where they are taught using Christian materials. The school provides an elementary education. Two older boys from the community wanted to attend a Christian high school in Santa Marta. A local family agreed to provide housing, and BBi has paid the boys’ expenses for two years.

The village chief recently attended our leadership conference in Barranquilla.