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Success Story - Elizabeth

This is another example of the kind of medical emergencies BBi routinely encounters.

Elizabeth is in Peru, a lady, about thirty years of age. She is the wife of a pastor and the daughter of a pastor in the Amazon jungle of Peru. Elizabeth contacted us in May of 2017. She had never asked us for anything, but she was in a desperate situation. Eight months pregnant, when she went to the doctor for a routine prenatal checkup she was told she had a serious problem that endangered both her life and that of the baby. The ultrasound revealed a large cyst in her uterus as well as a sizeable tumor. The baby was being adversely affected.

The doctor said it was urgent to do a c-section to deliver the baby and remove the cyst and tumor. The cost would be about $1,700 US, and payment was required in advance. We wired the money immediately and the surgery was done the next day.

The surgery was successful, the tumor was benign, and mother and baby (eight months old now) are well and thriving!