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Success Story - Bianca

[Morazán, Yoro, Honduras] Celenia, the founder and director of Hope School for kids with special needs, introduced me to a twelve-year-old girl named Blanca. Blanca is very shy, usually looks at the ground when somebody speaks to her. Celenia is looking for a sponsor for Blanca. She is one of five children in her family. She wants to go to high school (grades 6-11).

Blanca’s father abandoned the family long ago. Blanca’s mother was given away by her family at a very young age and had an unpleasant childhood, so there are no relatives or extended family. Blanca and her mom and siblings feel very much alone and they struggle to survive. Her mother attempts to support them by making tortillas, which she sells 100 tortillas for fifty lempiras ($2.15). She also does any kind of manual labor she can find and the kids look for ways to help. Manual labor, which is only available intermittently, pays about $6 per day.

Celenia made a deal with Blanca to pay her 100 lempiras per day (morning only, 7:00- 12:00) to assist at Hope. That provides about $17 per week to help feed the family.

Blanca is very intelligent and capable. Education is one of the tools that can enable her to break out of extreme poverty. She does not need to be a student at Hope, but she needs the wonderful environment that Hope provides—a safe place with love and acceptance, godly role models, and daily encouragement to develop a biblical sense of self-worth. She sweeps and mops the floors and assists with the little children. But the actual labor she does accounts for only a couple of hours each morning. She is also included in the daily devotions and recreation, she hears all the Bible stories and she goes with Celenia to help with grocery shopping and other errands. Her job at Hope is really a very valuable form of education!

After only two weeks working at Hope, already we see good changes in Blanca. The hard shell is softening, a bit of personality is emerging, and she even smiles occasionally. I am starting to teach her to look people in the eye instead of hanging her head down.

Blanca wants to attend the evening classes at the local high school. She will continue working at Hope during the mornings. She will need uniforms, books, etc. She didn’t even have shoes until Celenia bought some for her. We also intend to get her a bicycle because it will be safer for her traveling home at 10:00 p.m. after classes. The streets of Morazan are very dangerous after dark.

We need sponsors to pay Blanca’s “salary” of $17 per week which helps her family. Also a one-time sponsorship of $100 for the bicycle.

I will send by separate email some pics I took of Blanca working at Hope. She is an excellent worker! This young lady has potential! All she needs is hope and an opportunity. In the USA we might be arrested for hiring a twelve-year-old. Here it is a great opportunity for her as opposed to starving!