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Success Story - BBI

Virtually every week BBi provides emergency funds for an urgent need. The past week is typical. On Tuesday last week a pastor in Colombia contacted us about a man, about thirty years of age, with a family of six. For several weeks he has been unable to work (motorcycle taxi) due to extremely severe hemorrhoids. Needs medical care, but no money. Also no food for the family. We immediately approved money for the doctor, medical prescriptions, and food for the family. Also we are seeking to help him find different employment because the doctor says he will not be able to return to the motorcycle job.

On Thursday, from Honduras, the director of Hope School called. The mother of a student is ill, has lost weight down to 84 pounds, ongoing abdominal distress. We approved immediate medical care. The diagnosis: “Jerrito the doctor says Melissa is in a bad shape, she has anemia, parasites, a bad bacteria (helicobacter pylori)that is causing the infection and pain in her stomach and added to that some vaginal bleeding. She got some medicación now and in 10 days she has to go back. So far I paid 1,800 Lempiras. Thank you for your support.” So we spent about $100 so far, and will continue to cover expenses for her recovery.

On Friday, from Colombia: a young family that struggles to provide basic necessities, had to take in the husband’s mother because she is disabled and destitute. They also took in an eight-year-old boy who is was being abused. The elderly lady and the boy were sleeping on the floor. Also, the heat in the house was unbearable for the old lady. BBi provided beds, mattresses and fans.

On Monday one of our partners in another area of Colombia notified us about a pastor who lives in a remote village. He used to have to walk everywhere. BBi had provided a motorcycle which had enabled him to plant churches in two more villages. There is almost no money in that area. His salary is usually in the form of chickens, avocadoes, etc. Now an urgent need. The motorcycle could not be used because licenses and insurance had expired. That pastor would never ask us for anything, so he was back to trying to walk everywhere. We immediately sent the $250 to get his moto back in operation.

On Tuesday, we learned that the couple in Mexico who have taken in 41 street children, are stalled on construction of the new kitchen and dining room (currently tables in the carport constitute the dining room and the modest kitchen in their small home is inadequate). Local masons have donated labor but they need 350 more blocks ($1,000). Also, if we could buy a milk cow, they could provide milk for the kids.

Also on Tuesday, A Cuban friend who ministers in various countries called to ask if we can bring a carpentry team to build a shelter for a family in a Mexican border community who are in desperate circumstances.

We have not been able to address the last three items as yet. These things are typical of what BBi does every day, things that most people never know about.