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Call Today For a Free Consultation 678-414-0456

Innovative Methods & Products to Alleviate Mold-Related Health & Financial Risks.

At NoMoldAtlanta, LLC. we solve and prevent mold problems. We treat your home, business or any contained space with Patented products, always applied by our manufacturer certified technicians. We provide complete solutions, not partial fixes. Our Ten Year Limited Warranty for complete treatments is your assurance of a job well done.

Existing Building Services (Ten-Year Limited Warranty Coverage for complete projects)

On Existing Buildings, Our Process Includes:

1. Preparation of the work site to both protect your contents and to create a controlled environment. Proper attention is paid to secure the project area, to control the site for safety and to ensure the best possible final results. For those instances where building materials have been irreparably damaged and should be removed and replaced, our technicians will advise the clients accordingly.

2. The application of the "Anabec Advanced Cleaning Solution"
Our technicians will treat all of the unfinished and finished surfaces with this clear formula designed to remove organic debris left by microbial organisms. The product leaves an extremely clean surface that can then be treated with a microbial barrier or penetrant product such as Anasphere or X-70 Plus, respectively.

3. The Application of the "Anabec Anasphere or X-70 Plus"
Our technicians will treat all of the unfinished and finished surfaces with this non-toxic disinfectant, sanitizer and deodorizer, proven to eliminate and protect thousands of surfaces from a variety of microbial organisms including Aspergillus niger, H1N1, E.coli,Influenza, Listeria, Salmonella, MRSA, HIV-1 and many more. The disinfectant in Anasphere is coupled with an organic polymer that provides long term staying power, so surfaces stay cleaner longer. In some instances our technicians will treat all of the unfinished surfaces with the X-70 Plus. The application of the X-70 Plus results in an extremely durable barrier which resists moisture, mold, and mildew growth.

4. "Testing"
For the issuance of our Ten Year Limited Warranty, our clients engage independent environmental professionals to take samples of the air inside and outside of their property, sometimes before, and always after the process have been applied. An independent laboratory conducts the analysis of the readings and reports whether the mold spore counts are within 'normal and acceptable levels'. Upon completion of this process you will know, and be assured, that your environment is as clean and healthy as humanly possible. Your warranty, if applicable, will be issued upon payment in full for the work performed and receipt of acceptable test results from the Mold Inspector. The risk for major, disruptive and costly remediation will be mitigated as will the concern for current and future health related concerns.