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Mold Removal & Remediation for Roswell Homes & Commercial Spaces

Mold Removal & RemediationRoswell homeowners and business owners may worry that their properties will someday develop a mold problem, but they’ll never have to worry about who to turn to for mold removal services. That’s because the certified mold remediation experts at NoMoldAtlanta proudly serve Roswell and surrounding communities. Unlike other mold remediators, NoMoldAtlanta uses nontoxic, eco-friendly products to remove mold, so our customers in Roswell never have to worry about the health and safety of their loved ones or the environment.

We utilize the following process for removing and remediating mold in Roswell homes and commercial spaces:

  • Containment barriers are used to seal off the work space.
  • Negative pressure is created with air scrubbers to keep particulates at a minimum during the remediation process.
  • Visibly mold-impacted materials are removed from the space.
  • All remaining surfaces are HEPA vacuumed to remove any mold particulates or dust.
  • Anabec Cleaning Solutions are used to treat all surfaces in the workspace.
  • Anasphere is applied to prevent future mold growth.

Best of all, our toxic and black mold removal process doesn’t require that the contaminated area in your Roswell home or business is completely gutted. This can drastically reduce the cost of mold remediation and, thanks to our hydrogen peroxide-based Anabec Cleaning Solutions and Anasphere, effective mold removal will not be sacrificed in the process.

If your Roswell home or commercial space shows any symptoms of mold contamination – visible spores, a musty odor, or cracked or peeling paint – it may be infested with mold. Damp areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, attics, basements, and air ducts are all areas that are susceptible to contamination and should be thoroughly inspected by a mold expert to determine if remediation is necessary. Contact NoMoldAtlanta to receive a free estimate and to learn more about mold removal and remediation in the Roswell area.