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Mold Removal & Mold Remediation for Powder Springs Area Homes

Powder SpringsMold removal should only be left to qualified professionals, just as brakes should be installed by trained mechanics and operations should be performed by well-educated surgeons. If your loved ones deserve professional service to ensure their health and safety, be sure to leave mold remediation to the professionals, too. Failed attempts to kill mold yourself may cause particulates to become airborne, which may lead to further health problems for your family members and more rampant mold contamination throughout your Powder Springs area home.

At NoMoldAtlanta, we use the following certified mold removal process to make your Powder Springs home a safe and healthy haven for your loved ones:

  • The work space is completely sealed off using containment barriers.
  • Scrubbers are used to create negative pressure, which will keep particulate counts at a minimum while the area is being remediated.
  • Materials that are visibly impacted by mold and that are unsalvageable are removed from the space; salvageable items are then cleaned using Anabec Cleaning Solutions.
  • All surfaces are HEPA vacuumed to remove particulates or dust that could contain mold.
  • The work area is treated with Anasphere to create a barrier against future mold growth, thus preventing the need for future mold removal services.

If mold exposure is causing your loved ones to experience symptoms of nausea, fatigue, sexual dysfunction, nose bleeds, or any other classic mold-related symptoms, don’t attempt to kill mold yourself. Contact NoMoldAtlanta to learn more about our toxic mildew and mold removal services and schedule a free evaluation for your home in Powder Springs.