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Mold & Mildew Remediation in Atlanta, Roswell, Douglasville, Woodstock, Canton & Surrounding Areas

Mold & MildewMold & mildew are commonly seen in showers and tubs, around kitchen sinks, and in other moist and humid areas. Many individuals believe mold & mildew presence in bathrooms, kitchens, attics, and basements is an unavoidable fact of life. However, there are a number of precautions a homeowner can take to prevent mold growth.

The first step to take in preventing mold & mildew growth in a home is to eliminate moisture. This may seem like an impossible feat – especially in bathrooms and kitchens – but there are several ways to ensure an area is kept dry, including:

  • Using dehumidifiers
  • Fixing plumbing and roof leaks
  • Utilizing water-resistant materials, such as stainless steel hardware and accents, stone tiles, and carpets constructed with man-made fibers, among others
  • Properly insulating areas to limit the amount of condensation that accumulates

If a home starts to display signs of mold – such as musty smells and visible colonies of mold – despite the homeowner’s best effort to prevent mold growth, NoMoldAtlanta can help. Many individuals don’t recognize the impact mold can have on their health and how dangerous it can be for those who are susceptible to illnesses, including infants and elderly individuals. In fact, mold exposure can lead to joint pain, respiratory problems, skin irritations, headaches, and even some types of cancer. The risk of illness makes it especially important for homeowners to seek the services of professional mold testers and certified mold & mildew remediation experts.

The cleansers used by NoMoldAtlanta are completely nontoxic and are hydrogen peroxide-based, ensuring safe and effective mold & mildew remediation. We gladly serve residents of Marietta, Smyrna, Duluth, Cartersville, Cobb County, and other communities throughout Metro Atlanta. Contact us to schedule a free in-home estimate.