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Mold Inspectors for Atlanta, Marietta, Smyrna, Duluth, Cobb County & Beyond

Mold Inspectors AtlantaMold inspectors are not always utilized before the remediation process begins. In the event that a home is displaying outward signs of mold contamination, such as peeling paint or visible spores, an inspection is typically only necessary to determine the extent of the home’s mold problem. It is entirely possible, however for your home to have a mold problem without showing any signs or symptoms.

Though many homeowners send themselves into a panic over the possibility of having a hidden mold problem, excessive worry is simply not necessary. If you are concerned about the threat of mold in your home, it may be a good idea to call in mold inspectors to provide peace-of-mind, especially if:

  • You have an infant or elderly person living in your home. These members of your household are at risk for developing serious health complications from exposure to mold.
  • Your home’s inhabitants are suffering from unexplained health problems. Headaches, inability to concentrate, and dizziness are common symptoms of mold exposure.
  • Your home has experienced significant water damage. Whether caused by inclement weather, faulty pipes, or a roof leak, significant water damage can lead to mold growth behind wall boards and under carpeting.

If you suspect that your home may need a mold inspection, turn to the certified mold remediation experts at NoMoldAtlanta. In order to avoid a perceived conflict of interest, and because we want to provide our customers with service they can trust, we have all mold testing performed by third-party mold inspectors. In the event that the mold inspectors detect toxic levels of mold in your home, we will use Anabec Cleaning Solutions to safely remove mold spores. Contact us to learn about our mold remediation process.