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Mildew Smell & Other Symptoms of Mold in Atlanta, Roswell, Douglasville, Woodstock, Canton Area Homes

Mildew SmellThe first whiff of a mildew smell can instantly send homeowners into a panic. Many individuals begin to envision dark black spores of mold lurking behind their home’s wallboards and the sky-high medical bills that can accumulate while treating loved ones for mold illness. If you’ve recently noticed a mildew smell in your home’s attic, basement, bathroom, kitchen, or any other high-humidity area, it’s important to remain calm. A musty odor isn’t a surefire guarantee that your home is contaminated with mold and even if it is, the toxic substance can be safely and efficiently removed.

If your home has a mildew smell, try to determine if any other signs and symptoms of mold are also present. The symptoms of a “sick house” include:

  • Paint that is peeling or cracking, especially surrounding doors and window encasements.
  • Mold growth that is clearly visible (in the form of crystalline substances, speckles, spores, or splotches) on walls, ceilings, water filters, and other organic materials.
  • Inhabitants who experience unexplained illnesses or have symptoms of sneezing, watery or itchy eyes, joint pain, sexual dysfunction, and/or nausea, among others.

If any areas of your home have a mildew smell or exhibit any other symptoms of mold contamination, turn to the mold remediation experts at NoMoldAtlanta. Our certified mold removal process utilizes nontoxic, hydrogen peroxide-based cleansers so you can rest assured that your loved ones won’t be exposed to any harmful chemicals.

Whether there is a mildew smell in your basement, visible drywall mold spores in your kitchen, or peeling and cracking paint on your home’s window encasements, NoMoldAtlanta can help. We proudly serve homeowners in Marietta, Smyrna, Duluth, Cobb County, Acworth, and other communities surrounding Metro Atlanta. Contact us to schedule an in-home estimate and to learn more about our safe and effective mold remediation process.