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Letter from Jerry

During the first year of full-time ministry of BBi, I received no salary. I was using up my meager retirement funds to pay our house payment, etc. each month. Then one day near the end of that year a miraculous thing occurred that reinforced my confidence that God had ordained the ministry of BBi and that He would sustain it. It began with a telephone call from Dan Ortega. He asked about the ministry to children in Latin America and then he asked for my mailing address.

Long ago Mr. Ortega had been my boss for the two years I had served on the faculty at Oklahoma Christian Schools in Edmond, but we had had no contact for nearly fifteen years, and I had no idea where he was or what he was doing. To this day I don’t know how he learned of our mission work, but he seemed very interested. A few days later I received a check for $1,000. I received a check every month afterward. For the next eighteen years the Ortega family and their companies in Atlanta continued to be largest single source of monthly support to BBi, making possible the ministry that has impacted the lives of thousands of children throughout Latin America.

The miracle of sustained major financial provision coming from an individual with whom I’d had no contact for many years and who lived a thousand miles away, was sufficient to convince me that this was a sovereign act of God. I believe God was saying to me “Don’t worry about the money. I’ve got this. Just concentrate on doing the work I have called you to do.” I will be forever grateful that Dan Ortega and his family were willing to be used by God in this incredible manner! I can’t really find words to express how much it means that these people would make such a significant commitment to the work that is my life’s passion. May they reap both material and eternal returns on their investment!