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Getting Rid of Mold in Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Vinings & Other Metro Atlanta Communities

Getting Rid of MoldGetting rid of mold can be a near impossible task when homeowners attempt this project themselves. A common misconception is that mold can only be eliminated by gutting the home’s affected area, whether it is the bathroom, basement or crawl spaces. These can be labor- and time-intensive projects that often require large investments. What most homeowners don’t know is that mold remediation can often be attained through processes that preserve unaffected materials by using special, non-toxic chemicals to clean the entire area. Fortunately for residents of Metro Atlanta, NoMoldAtlanta offers safe and affordable solutions for mold-infested areas.

In order to prevent the inconvenience of getting rid of mold, growth of this toxic substance should be prevented in the first place. Below are some recommendations for inhibiting mold growth:

  • Bathrooms, basements and other high-moisture areas should not be carpeted.
  • Mold inhibitors should be added to paints.
  • Exhaust fans and other ventilation devices should be utilized.
  • A dehumidifier or air conditioner should be used during humid months.

In some cases, unfortunately, mold prevention is not possible. If your home has demonstrated any signs of having a mold problem, the mold remediation experts at NoMoldAtlanta can help with mold and mildew removal. Contact us for more information about residential mold removal and to schedule a free mold evaluation in Atlanta, Smyrna, Douglasville, Powder Springs and beyond.