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Basement Mold Remediation in Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Vinings, & Other Metro Atlanta Communities

Basement MoldBasement mold is a common problem for many homeowners, since this part of the house is often affected by poor ventilation, excess moisture, and limited sunlight. Since the basement is the lowest area of the house, it is often susceptible to water damage since leaks and flooding in other areas of the home can flow downward and enter the basement.

Mold growth is a common side effect of water damage, and is most likely to grow in porous materials, including

  • Wallpaper
  • Carpet
  • Drywall
  • Wood
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Insulation
  • And others

Mold growth in these materials can cause potentially serious health complications for the home’s residents, including the presence of mold allergy symptoms such as skin irritation, coughing, and nausea. Mold spores have the potential to spread from the basement to other areas of the home through central heat and air conditioning systems, making basement mold prevention especially important, even for homeowners who rarely utilize this area of their home. Some effective measures for preventing mold growth in basements include:

  • Repairing leaking pipes
  • Applying sealant to walls and floors
  • Using a dehumidifier
  • Using a HEPA vacuum on a regular basis

If you have signs of basement mold – including peeling paint, musty odors, and condensation – despite your best efforts to prevent its occurrence, the residential mold removal experts at NoMoldAtlanta can help. Our non-toxic, affordable mold and mildew remediation techniques are effective at getting rid of mold in homes located in Smyrna, Douglasville, Powder Springs, and throughout the Atlanta area. Contact us today to schedule a free mold evaluation.